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Poem by Declan Costello - County Under 14 Double

posted Dec 19, 2015, 5:51 AM by John Smith   [ updated Dec 19, 2015, 6:01 AM ]
Durlas Og Under 14's Football and Hurling Double 2015 
(By Declan Costello)

Two thousand and fifteen  will go down as the year

When our U14 team brought Durlas Og such great cheer

As we marched through the county without too much trouble

And completed a famous football and hurling double

 A treble if you add in the Feile Peil

So I decided to write this poem to tell

Of this great group of players that made us feel  proud

So if you listen for a few minutes I ll say it out loud


The Mid Feile Peil was our first big success

Moycarkey in the final but we couldn’t care less

Who stood in our way as we got over the line

And defeated our neighbours and rivals by nine


In the County Semi v Knockavilla we won by eleven

A really great performance left us feeling in heaven


Then on to the final in Holycross

And we showed Moyle Rovers just who was the boss

A fantastic display and the cup it was won

As we beat the famed Rovers by 3 12 to 4  1


Now as County Feile champions we headed south east

To take part in the Feile weekend football feast

Based in Cushenstown, one of the great weekends

And our lads hit it off  with their new Wexford friends

We first beat St Pats and then Longfords Killoe

Then our hosts were dispatched before to Wicklow we did go

To play Offalys Ferbane and to give us our due

Though we fought very bravely we lost out by two.

Now I ll move on to our second huge task

Sure to win County Football was a really big ask

But our great football team stood defiant and strong

And sure enough the County title came along


Another Mid victory brought us great glee

As we defeated Moycarkey in the final by three

A county semi victory over Galtee Golden combination

Brought us more success and more jubiliation


Now only Clonmel Og stood in our way

As we prepared ourselves for Co Final Day

The 21th of June, we wont forget the date

As we won a great final 4 10 to 1  8


So County Football Champions for the first time in twelve years

And more celebrations and lots of loud cheers


Now on to the Hurling, could we make it a double

Or would some other club burst our ever growing bubble

In the Mid Final again well it could have got narky

As for the fifth time this year we played rivals Moycarkey


But no, instead what we got was a really thrilling match

And in a welter of excitement the cup we did snatch

A fantastic game and a one point win

It was Durlas Og 1  20 to Moycarkeys 4  10


Knockavilla in the County Semi and a hard fought win

As we beat the West Champions by 3  7 to 1  10


Into the final now who stood in our way

But the boys from the North and the town of Roscrea

The first half was cagey, so tense and so tight

No quarter asked or given, a real dog fight


But we came out in the second and we threw off the shackles

Got some great scores, made the hooks blocks and tackles

And when the final whistle sounded we had made it to heaven

 As 3 11 we had scored while they got 0  7


A fantastic achievement the double was won

For the first time in our club since 1991

And who were the players who achieved this great feat

Who won the great victories and never tasted defeat


Young Darragh Stakelum our great number one

Who played in the goals and blocked shots for fun

Paddy Stakelum played most of the year at full back

And repeatedly blunted the opposition attack


And beside him Conor Stapleton wore number two

All the forwards he marked the scores they got were few

When the sliotar came in high who stuck up his big paw

And thundered out of defence but the great David Mawe


And Henry Fogarty in both defence and attack

A nippy wing forward and a superb corner back

In the half back line Jordan Fahey wore  seven or five

The more pressure we were under the more he did thrive


Kieran Costello manned  centre back  and wore number six

And stopped opposing forwards from displaying any tricks

James Armstrong was another in defence and attack

Three goals in the semi sure no skill he did lack


At midfield Paddy Creedon exerted control

And often strode forward to score point or goal

When Joe Dwan got the ball there was a very loud roar

As he surged through the backs in search of a score


And beside him up front was big Cathal Hayes

Whose power and strong running left defences in a daze

Cian Stakelum at eleven usually led our attack

But sometimes played midfield and even some at the back


And Jack Lanigan at full forward beat all that he met

And raised many green flags as he kept on hitting the net

Eoin Purcell was another who was great for a score

In the final against Roscrea he chipped in with four


Sean Collins and Dean O'Halloran played with fire in the belly

And another who had a great year was Jack Kelly

Dean Fanning, Stephen Donavan and Aaron Mulchaire

As well as Luke Beresford another great player


In corner forward we had Oisin O Brien

And also in attack were Sean Madden and Eoghan Ryan

And the two Fogartys  both Luke and Conor

Played a huge role in bringing our club such great honour


Cian McDonald, Conor Whitehead and Peter Wall

All contributed to our double in hurling and football


Now behind every good panel the mentors must be great

And we were very lucky in that we had eight

Richie Stapleton was there come hail rain or shine

He was ably assisted by Dr Paul Ryan


Paddy Kenny, Declan Costello and Dara Purcell stoked the fire

As the lads did their training pushed hard by Jim O'Dwyer

And the two younger mentors always had the team flyin

They were Conor Lanigan  and Aiden Shakes Ryan


So that’s all folks that’s the end of my story

Of how Durlas Og U14s brought the club such great glory.