• Play fairly, do their best and enjoy themselves.

• Respect fellow team members regardless of ability, cultural or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or religion beliefs.

• Support fellow team members regardless of whether they do well or not.

• Represent their team, their Club and their family with pride and dignity.

• Respect all coaches, officials and their opponents.

• Be gracious in defeat and modest in victory.

• Shake hands before and after a game as part of the Give Respect Get Respect initiative, irrespective of the result.

• Inform their Coach/Mentor/Manager in advance if they are unavailable for training and games.

• Take due care of Club equipment.

• Know that it is acceptable to talk to the Club Children’s Officer with any concerns or questions they may have.

• Adhere to acceptable standards of behaviour and their Club’s Code of Discipline.

• Tell somebody else if they or others have been harmed in any way.



• Cheat – always play by the rules.

• Shout at or argue with a game’s official, with their Coach, their team mates or     opponents and should never use violence.

• Use unfair or Bullying tactics to gain advantage or isolate other players.

• Spread rumours.

• Tell lies about adults or other young people.

• Play or train if they feel unwell or are injured.

• Use unacceptable language or racial and/or sectarian references.

Bring Dúrlas Óg into disrepute through the use of social media.